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Only a cardiologist can secure full in this quiz about heart?

Only a cardiologist can secure full in this quiz about heart

Only a cardiologist can secure full in this quiz about heart

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 25-May-2018

Q1: When a child is born, what happens to its blood circulation?

  • A. Its blood flows for the first time
  • B. Its blood reverses its flow through the heart
  • C. Its blood ceases to pass from one atrium to the other
  • D. Its blood carries wastes for the first time

Q2: What is the approximate time required for a heart-beat ?

  • A. 0.5 second
  • B. 0.8 second
  • C. 0.5 minute
  • D. 1.0 minute

Q3: Ventricles are related to

  • A. heart only
  • B. brain only
  • C. both ?a? and ?b?
  • D. none of these

Q4: Universal receivers can receive blood from

  • A. Group AB only
  • B. Group O only
  • C. Groups A, AB
  • D. Groups O, A, B, AB

Q5: Pulmonary artery carries

  • A. pure blood from lungs
  • B. pure blood to lungs
  • C. impure blood to lungs
  • D. impure blood from lungs

Q6: Ions of which of the following minerals play an important role in blood clotting?

  • A. Mg
  • B. Na
  • C. Ca
  • D. K

Q7: What is the condition in which heart is not pumping the blood effectively to meet the requirements of the body called?

  • A. stroke
  • B. hypertension
  • C. myocardial infarction
  • D. heart failure

Q8: At which part of the intestines is the digested food absorbed by the blood?

  • A. Ileum
  • B. Colon
  • C. Jejenum
  • D. Caecum

Q9: Fastest distribution of some injectible material/medicine and with no risk of any kind can be achieved by injecting it into the

  • A. muscles
  • B. veins
  • C. arteries
  • D. lymph vessels

Q10: Where does the impulse of heart beat originate?

  • A. S.A. node
  • B. A.V. node
  • C. vagus nerve
  • D. cardiac nerve

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