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This quiz will tell you how religious are you?

This quiz will tell you how religious are you

This quiz will tell you how religious are you

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 17-Jan-2018

Q1: As a form of Parvati, this goddess lured demons to their death. Who is she?

  • A. Anila
  • B. Anantesa
  • C. Anala
  • D. Ambika

Q2: Who wrote the Mahabharata?

  • A. Vedavyasa
  • B. Lord Ganesh
  • C. Rig Veda
  • D. Valmiki

Q3: Who were the male guardians of the air, forests and mountains?

  • A. Sadhyas
  • B. Nakshatras
  • C. Gandharvas
  • D. Rhibus

Q4: Who is the god of the Dead?

  • A. Vivasvat
  • B. Yaksha
  • C. Yama
  • D. Yoni

Q5: What animal(s) is, are Ganapathi's vehicle?

  • A. 1,000 horses
  • B. Ram
  • C. Lion
  • D. Mouse

Q6: Yama, the god of death in Hinduism, uses what animal as his transport?

  • A. Camel
  • B. Elephant
  • C. Raven
  • D. Buffalo

Q7: Who is the god of the sun and brother of Varuna?

  • A. Kurma
  • B. Nakshatras
  • C. Mitra
  • D. Maruts

Q8: Who is the king of wealth?

  • A. Kubera
  • B. Agni
  • C. Indra
  • D. Vayu

Q9: Who did the King originally want to choose to replace him as king?

  • A. Lakshmana
  • B. Rama
  • C. Kooni
  • D. Bharatha

Q10: How was Sita related to Janaka?

  • A. He married her cousin
  • B. She was his wife
  • C. He was her cousin
  • D. She was his foster-daughter

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