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Take this quiz on Indian culture and check how much you can score? ?

Take this quiz on Indian culture and check how much you can score?

Take this quiz on Indian culture and check how much you can score?

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 02-Feb-2018

Q1: Oldest recorded Indian Music dates back to 1902, when India's first disc had been recorded one of the following singers singing a khayal in Raag Jogiya. Identify the singer:

  • A. Abdul Wahid Khan
  • B. Govindrao Tembe
  • C. Gauhar Jan
  • D. Abdul Karim Khan

Q2: First Jnanpith Award winner was from which of the following states?

  • A. Madhya Pradesh
  • B. Kerala
  • C. Tamil Nadu
  • D. West Bengal

Q3: Which state of India is associated with the Folk Dance Teratali?

  • A. Haryana
  • B. Rajasthan
  • C. Punjab
  • D. Gujarat

Q4: Watson's Hotel or Esplanade Mansion,India's oldest surviving cast Iron Building is located in which city?

  • A. Mumbai
  • B. Kolkata
  • C. Surat
  • D. Chennai

Q5: Donyi Polo is a religion / tradition followed by some tribals of which among the following states?

  • A. Meghalaya
  • B. Arunachal Pradesh
  • C. Nagaland
  • D. Sikkim

Q6: Which of the following caves is not present in Maharashtra?

  • A. Bhaja Caves
  • B. Bagh Caves
  • C. Bedsa Caves
  • D. Ellora Caves

Q7: Dalai lamas are considered reincarnations of which of the following?

  • A. Avalokiteshwara
  • B. Buddha
  • C. Maitreya
  • D. Ksitigarbha

Q8: Which among the following is the correct description of Nagara , Dravida and Vesara?

  • A. The three main racial groups
  • B. Three Linguistic Divisions
  • C. Three main styles of Indian temple architecture
  • D. Musical Gharanas

Q9: Black Pagoda is located in which state?

  • A. Tamil Nadu
  • B. Kerala
  • C. Orissa
  • D. Andhra Pradesh

Q10: Rajarajesvaram temple is devoted to which of the following Deity

  • A. Indra
  • B. Vishnu
  • C. Shiva
  • D. Rama

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