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Take this random questions and check your IQ level?

Take this random questions and check your IQ level

Take this random questions and check your IQ level

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 04-Jul-2018

Q1: James Bond was searching for what kind of airplane in 'Thunderball'?

  • A. 707
  • B. Piper Cub
  • C. Vulkan
  • D. B-52

Q2: Who wrote "don't count your chickens before they are hatched"?

  • A. Aesop
  • B. Shakespeare
  • C. Ben ?Franklin
  • D. Chaucer

Q3: Which?kind of animal?did Florence Nightingale often carry?around in her pocket?

  • A. Kitten
  • B. Puppy
  • C. Owl
  • D. Snake

Q4: In which film do the words "I love you" save the planet earth?

  • A. The Day After Tomorrow
  • B. The 5th Element
  • C. Mars Attacks
  • D. Independence Day

Q5: What is the name of the man servant in 'Around the world in 80 days'?

  • A. Pas Partout
  • B. Cato
  • C. Giles
  • D. Machu Picchu

Q6: How many earths would fit inside the sun?

  • A. circa 100
  • B. circa 1,000,000
  • C. circa 10,000
  • D. circa 100,000

Q7: What does a nidoligist study?

  • A. Waves
  • B. Clouds
  • C. Bird Nests
  • D. Caves

Q8: What is the more usual name for Roentgen Rays?

  • A. X Rays
  • B. Gamma Rays
  • C. Ultraviolet Rays
  • D. Magnetic Resonance

Q9: Hypermetropic people are what?

  • A. obese
  • B. underfed
  • C. moody
  • D. far sighted

Q10: The title of which Pink Floyd album is also a chapter in 'The Wind In The Willows'?

  • A. Wish you were here
  • B. The piper at the gates of dawn
  • C. Meddle
  • D. Animals

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