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Answer this quiz questions on Jack Gyllenhaal and see how much you know about him?

Answer this quiz questions on Jack Gyllenhaal and see how much you know about him

Jake Gyllenhaal is an American actor. He began acting as a child and carried on with his talented acting and was nominated for many awards like the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and the BAFTA award. He gifted us many movies with his excellent talent.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 17-Jul-2019

Q1: Where Jake Gyllenhaal was born

  • A. New York
  • B. California
  • C. Boston
  • D. Seattle

Q2: What is his full name

  • A. Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal
  • B. Jack John Gyllenhaal
  • C. Joe Charlie Gyllenhaal
  • D. Jackson Paul Gyllenhaal

Q3: In which film he made his debut

  • A. A Dangerous Woman
  • B. City Slickers
  • C. Bubble Boy
  • D. Homegrown

Q4: Which magazine named him the 50 Most Beautiful people in 2006

  • A. Maxim
  • B. People
  • C. Filmfare
  • D. Vogue

Q5: What is his Alma Mater

  • A. University of Berkeley
  • B. Harvard University
  • C. Columbia University
  • D. Brown University

Q6: In which American biographical movie she starred in

  • A. Capote
  • B. Chaplin
  • C. October Sky
  • D. Lincoln

Q7: For which movie he was nominated for Academy Award

  • A. BrokebackMountain
  • B. Rendition
  • C. Source Code
  • D. Enemy

Q8: Which movie bought him the nomination for Screen Actors Guild Award

  • A. Nightcrawler
  • B. Zodiac
  • C. Brothers
  • D. Proof

Q9: Which American Late Night show was hosted by him

  • A. Nightine
  • B. Saturday Night Live
  • C. Late Night
  • D. The Late Show

Q10: Who was his co star in the movie Brothers

  • A. Natalie Portman
  • B. Brian Cox
  • C. Candy Clark
  • D. Emma Stone

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