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Answer this quiz questions on Jane Fonda and see how much you know about her?

Answer this quiz questions on Jane Fonda and see how much you know about her

Jane Fonda is an American actress and political activist who first gained fame in comedic roles who later established herself as a serious actress winning several awards for her work.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 26-Aug-2019

Q1: When Jane Fonda was born

  • A. 23 sept 1937
  • B. 8 nov 1932
  • C. 7 jul 1933
  • D. 21 dec 1937

Q2: What is her middle name

  • A. Seymour
  • B. Anna
  • C. Dakota
  • D. Nicole

Q3: What is her Alma Mater

  • A. Harvard University
  • B. Vassar College
  • C. Purchase College
  • D. University of California

Q4: What was her profession before she started acting

  • A. Teacher
  • B. Modelling
  • C. Doctor
  • D. Fashion Designer

Q5: In which film she made her debut

  • A. Joy House
  • B. Klute
  • C. Tall Story
  • D. Youth

Q6: For which movie she won the Academy Award

  • A. Any Wednesday
  • B. Coming Home
  • C. On Golden Pond
  • D. Julia

Q7: What is the name of her autobiography

  • A. The Lonely Life
  • B. Cash
  • C. My Life So Far
  • D. Yes Please

Q8: Who was her co star in the movie Hurry Sundown

  • A. Dean Jones
  • B. Michael Caine
  • C. King Moody
  • D. Ryan Reynolds

Q9: Which character was portrayed by her in the movie The Butler

  • A. Gloria Gaines
  • B. Hattie Pearl
  • C. Freddie Fallows
  • D. Nancy Reagan

Q10: For which movie she won the Emmy Award

  • A. The Dollmaker
  • B. The Newsroom
  • C. A Century Of Women
  • D. Klute

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