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How well do you know Jawaharlal Nehru, take this quiz?

How well do you know Jawaharlal Nehru, take this quiz

How well do you know Jawaharlal Nehru, take this quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 14-Jun-2018

Q1: When was Jawaharlal Nehru born

  • A. 14 Nov 1889
  • B. 14 Nov 1888
  • C. 14 Nov 1890
  • D. 14 Nov 1887

Q2: In which year Nehru was elected as congress president for the first time

  • A. 1928
  • B. 1929
  • C. 1930
  • D. 1931

Q3: Nehru joined which independence group in 1918 with Gandhi

  • A. Indian National Congress
  • B. India First
  • C. India Congress Committee
  • D. India Indepence Institute

Q4: On which matter Nehru and Gandhi differ

  • A. Non-cooperation
  • B. Partition of Pakistan
  • C. Membership of British Commonwealth
  • D. Future of India as an agrarian society

Q5: What was the profession of Nehru

  • A. Lawyer
  • B. Doctor
  • C. Architect
  • D. Teacher

Q6: Who swore in Nehru as India's First PM

  • A. Mahatma Gandhi
  • B. Queen Elizabeth II
  • C. Prince Philip
  • D. Lord Mountbatten

Q7: Who among the following PM was the child of Nehru

  • A. Morarji Desai
  • B. Indira Gandhi
  • C. V P Singh
  • D. Rajiv Gandhi

Q8: In which year Nehru received Bharat Ratna

  • A. 1954
  • B. 1956
  • C. 1955
  • D. 1958

Q9: Which of the following books is written by Nehru

  • A. Discovery Of India
  • B. Glimpses of World History
  • C. My India
  • D. Both I and II

Q10: When did Nehru die

  • A. 27-May-64
  • B. 27-May-63
  • C. 27-May-65
  • D. 27-May-66

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