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Take this quiz questions about Kelly Kapoor from the series The Office?

Take this quiz questions about Kelly Kapoor from the series The Office

Kelly Kapoor is a fictional character from the US television series The Office.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 09-Mar-2020

Q1: What is her middle name

  • A. Meena
  • B. Rajanigandha
  • C. Lakshmi
  • D. Pooja

Q2: What is Kelly's occupation title at Dunder Mifflin

  • A. Customer Service Representative
  • B. Human Resourse
  • C. Office Administrator
  • D. Saleswoman

Q3: With which co worker she was in an on and off relationship

  • A. Jim Halpert
  • B. Dwight Schrute
  • C. Ryan Howard
  • D. Michael Scott

Q4: Which actress portrayed the character Kelly Kapoor

  • A. Jenna Fischer
  • B. Melora Hardin
  • C. Catherine Tate
  • D. Ellie Kemper

Q5: What is Kelly's ethnicity

  • A. Indian
  • B. Latino
  • C. Arabs
  • D. Berbers

Q6: Which character from The Wizard Of Oz does Kelly dress up as on Halloween

  • A. The Tin Man
  • B. Toto
  • C. Glinda
  • D. Dorothy

Q7: What is Kelly's birthday

  • A. 3rd jan
  • B. 5th feb
  • C. 23 sept
  • D. 12 dec

Q8: What does Kelly get Oscar for their Secret Santa

  • A. Robe
  • B. Sweater
  • C. Cup
  • D. A Shower Radio

Q9: Who works in the annex with Kelly

  • A. Pam
  • B. Stanley
  • C. Toby
  • D. Jim

Q10: Why does Kelly write poor reviews for Jim and Halpert

  • A. They didn't believe she was pregnant
  • B. They didn't go to her party
  • C. They forget her birthday
  • D. They behaved bad with her

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