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How much you know about the state Madhya Pradesh?

How much you know about the state Madhya Pradesh

How much you know about the state Madhya Pradesh

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 22-Feb-2018

Q1: Who was the first Vidhan Sabha speaker of M.P. ?

  • A. P Kunjilal dubey
  • B. Tejlal Tembhare
  • C. Gulsher Ahmad
  • D. Srinivas Tiwari

Q2: Main crops of Madhya Pradesh are

  • A. Wheat
  • B. Gram
  • C. Jowar
  • D. All of the above

Q3: Total number of districts in Madhya Pradesh are

  • A. 50
  • B. 51
  • C. 49
  • D. 39

Q4: State Tribal museum is situated in:

  • A. Bhopal
  • B. Indore
  • C. Jabalpur
  • D. Guna

Q5: Which of the following city is famous as Holy city of Buddhist ?

  • A. Sanchi
  • B. Khajuraho
  • C. Vidisha
  • D. Sagar

Q6: Tawa Canal is present in which of following district ?

  • A. Hoshangabad
  • B. Bhopal
  • C. Guna
  • D. Datia

Q7: Which is the longest river in Madhya Pradesh?

  • A. Narmada River
  • B. Ganga River
  • C. Sone River
  • D. Betwa River

Q8: The famous singer Lata Mangeshkar was born in which place?

  • A. Khandwa
  • B. Indore
  • C. Jabalpur
  • D. Sagar

Q9: 'Bagh', a Village in Gwalior is famous for ...........

  • A. Sculptures
  • B. Architecture
  • C. Cave painting
  • D. All the above

Q10: Who was the first women chief minister of Madhya Pradesh?

  • A. Meera Kumar
  • B. Sushma Swaraj
  • C. Uma Bharti
  • D. Sarla Grewal

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