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Answer this quiz questions on Matt Dillon and see how much you know about him?

Answer this quiz questions on Matt Dillon and see how much you know about him

Matt Dillon is an American actor and film director. He was nominated for his versatile work in the entertainment industry.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 14-Mar-2020

Q1: Where Matt Dillon was born

  • A. South Africa
  • B. California
  • C. New York
  • D. Canada

Q2: What is his full name

  • A. Matthew Perry Dilllon
  • B. Matthew Raymond Dillon
  • C. Matt John Dillon
  • D. Matt Ruth Dillon

Q3: What is his Alma Mater

  • A. Mamaroneck High School
  • B. Queens College
  • C. Purchase College
  • D. University Of Yale

Q4: With which movie he made his feature film debut

  • A. My Bodyguard
  • B. Tex
  • C. Rumble Fish
  • D. Over The Edge

Q5: Which movie gave Matt his first Academy Award nomination

  • A. Proxima
  • B. Fonzo
  • C. Crash
  • D. Girl Most Likely

Q6: Which character was voiced by him in the movie Rock Dog

  • A. Bodi
  • B. Trey
  • C. Khampa
  • D. Darma

Q7: What is the name of his directed movie

  • A. Going In Style
  • B. Old Dogs
  • C. Wild Things
  • D. City Of Ghosts

Q8: In which short film he starred in

  • A. African Cats
  • B. Arthur
  • C. Nimic
  • D. Beastly

Q9: Which award he won for the movie Drugstore Cowboy

  • A. Saturn Award
  • B. Independent Spirit Award
  • C. Golden Globe Award
  • D. Screen Actors Guild Award

Q10: Who was his co star in the movie Bad Country

  • A. Amy Smart
  • B. Regina King
  • C. Emilia Clark
  • D. Emily Blunt

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