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Only a MBBS can get score full in this quiz?

Only a MBBS can get score full in this quiz

Only a MBBS can get score full in this quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 25-May-2018

Q1: Which of the following is a drug commonly used for the treatment of asthma?

  • A. Reserpine
  • B. Salbutamol
  • C. Nimesulide
  • D. Paracetamol

Q2: A drug used to increase the discharge of urine (given usually to patients with high blood pressure) is known as -

  • A. Anti-histamine
  • B. Laxative
  • C. Diuretic
  • D. Anti-pyretic

Q3: Which of the following drugs is given to cows and buffaloes to enhance their milk output?

  • A. Modafinil
  • B. Diclofenac
  • C. Oxytocin
  • D. Endosulfan

Q4: Lukoskin, a herbal product developed by DRDO, is used to treat –

  • A. Leucoderma
  • B. Leukemia
  • C. Eczema

Q5: Milk of magnesia is commonly taken as an

  • A. Diuretic
  • B. Antacid
  • C. Antispasmodic
  • D. Antihistamine

Q6: Which type of asbestos said to be responsible for causing cancer is sought to be banned by the NHRC?

  • A. Blue
  • B. Chrysotile
  • C. Brown
  • D. Amosite

Q7: With which of the following nutrients is common salt proposed to be enriched by the Government?

  • A. Iron
  • B. Calcium
  • C. Vitamin A
  • D. Protein

Q8: Which of the following drugs is commonly used as an anti-pyretic

  • A. Albendazole
  • B. Paracetamol
  • C. Salbutamol
  • D. Atenolol

Q9: Which of the following drugs being given to animals is responsible for the death of vultures feeding on the carcasses of such animals?

  • A. Oxytocin
  • B. Nimesulide
  • C. Modafinil
  • D. Diclofenac

Q10: Sildenafil citrate is more commonly known as –

  • A. Go Pill
  • B. Action 500
  • C. Viagra
  • D. Protinex

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