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Only a Medicine specialist can score full in this quiz?

Only a Medicine specialist can score full in this quiz

Only a Medicine specialist can score full in this quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 04-Jul-2018

Q1: Which of the following type of medicine is prescribed for expulsion of mucus from the lungs

  • A. Laxative
  • B. Expectorant
  • C. Antibiotic
  • D. Diuretic

Q2: Which of the following is a bacterial disease transmitted to human beings through the urine of rats and cattle?

  • A. Leptospirosis
  • B. Scrub Typhus
  • C. Rinderpest
  • D. Diarrhoea

Q3: Which of the following was commonly prescribed for children as an antipyretic before it was banned by the Government for its hepatotoxicity?

  • A. Sibutramine
  • B. Nimesulide
  • C. Cisapride
  • D. Gatifloxacin

Q4: Which of the following anti-cancer drugs has been banned in India for its misuse in the treatment of infertility among women?

  • A. Rosiglitazone
  • B. Tegaserod
  • C. Letrozole
  • D. Lukoskin

Q5: Which of the following diseases commonly affecting animals has been recently declared to be globally eradicated?

  • A. Mad cow disease
  • B. Rinderpest
  • C. Rabies
  • D. Foot & Mouth disease

Q6: What is the general name given to medicines taken to clear the stomach of parasitic worms?

  • A. Antispasmodic
  • B. Antihelmenthic
  • C. Antihistamine
  • D. Laxative

Q7: The performance enhancing Go-pill is actually?

  • A. Sildenafil
  • B. Rotateq
  • C. Letrozole
  • D. Modafinil

Q8: Which of the following organisations has developed perfomax, a herbal formulation to improve physical and mental performance?

  • A. C I S R
  • B. N I M H
  • C. D R D O
  • D. A I I M S

Q9: Oseltamivir is a medicine prescribed for the treatment of –

  • A. Bird flue
  • B. Ebola
  • C. Encephalitis
  • D. Swine flu

Q10: The general type of medicine prescribed to reduce the amount of cholesterol is the blood is

  • A. Diuretic
  • B. Beta blocker
  • C. Statin
  • D. Steroid

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