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Can you score at least 7/10 in this metallurgical questions?

Can you score at least 7/10 in this metallurgical questions

Can you score at least 7/10 in this metallurgical questions

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 04-Jul-2018

Q1: Which of the following metals has been used in making the Statue of Liberty?

  • A. gold
  • B. iron
  • C. bronze
  • D. copper

Q2: Metals are good conductors of electricity because

  • A. they are electrically unstable
  • B. atoms in their molecules are loosely packed
  • C. they have free electrons
  • D. they are ductile

Q3: Into which of the following metals does radioactive Uranium decay when it loses all its radioactivity?

  • A. Radium
  • B. Carbon
  • C. Lead
  • D. Hydrogen

Q4: Galvanized iron has a thin coating of :

  • A. copper
  • B. tin
  • C. zinc
  • D. aluminium

Q5: The Venus symbol (?), a circle with a small cross below it, is the gender symbol for female and also the metal -

  • A. gold
  • B. copper
  • C. zinc
  • D. silver

Q6: Plumbism is a condition due to the poisoning effect of -

  • A. lead
  • B. mercury
  • C. copper
  • D. uranium

Q7: Duralumin is an alloy of copper and

  • A. lead
  • B. zinc
  • C. tin
  • D. aluminium

Q8: In which of the following metals is the speed of sound the fastest?

  • A. copper
  • B. aluminium
  • C. steel
  • D. gold

Q9: Which of the following is the heaviest metal?

  • A. gold
  • B. osmium
  • C. mercury
  • D. lead

Q10: Which of the following gases is responsible for discolouration of brass in air?

  • A. nitrogen oxide
  • B. carbon dioxide
  • C. water vapour
  • D. hydrogen sulphide

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