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Only a climatologist and meteorologist can answer these questions correct?

Only a climatologist and meteorologist can answer these questions correct

Only a climatologist and meteorologist can answer these questions correct

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 14-May-2018

Q1: The main cause of global climatic change is

  • A. Increase in the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • B. Emissions of industrial gases
  • C. Adding of dust
  • D. Changes in plant cover

Q2: If there is no carbon dioxide in the earth?s atmosphere, the temperature of earth?s surface would be

  • A. Dependent on the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere
  • B. Higher than the present
  • C. Less than the present
  • D. The same

Q3: High pressure sub-tropical calm belts known as ?Horse Latitudes? lie between

  • A. 0? and 10?
  • B. 15? and 25?
  • C. 20? and 25?
  • D. 30? and 35?

Q4: Which from the following can cause a tsunami?

  • A. Volcano
  • B. Avalanche
  • C. Tornado
  • D. Earthquake

Q5: The direction to which wind blows is known as

  • A. Windward
  • B. Leeward
  • C. Eleaving side
  • D. None of these

Q6: Which one of the following is a low cloud?

  • A. Cirrocumulus
  • B. Cirrostratus
  • C. Altocumulus
  • D. Nimbostratus

Q7: Which region of the Earth?s surface is called doldrums?

  • A. Equatorial low pressure belt
  • B. Sub-tropical high pressure belt
  • C. Between 10? to 23?? North and South Latitudes
  • D. Sub-polar low pressure belt

Q8: Which one of the following pairs of oceans and currents is not correctly matched?

  • A. North Atlantic Ocean : Canaries current
  • B. Eastern Pacific Ocean : Kuroshio current
  • C. South Atlantic Ocean : Falkland current
  • D. Indian Ocean : Agulhas current

Q9: Savanna natural region is characterized by which one of the following?

  • A. A distinct wet and dry season with annual range of temperature between 3? C ? 8? C.
  • B. Broad-leaf evergreen forests and grasses
  • C. Uniformly high temperature throughout the year
  • D. No spatial variation in mean annual rainfall

Q10: Name the continent where ?Tundra? type of climate is not found

  • A. Europe
  • B. Asia
  • C. Africa
  • D. North America

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