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Only a monument lover can get 10/10 in this quiz?

Only a monument lover can get 10/10 in this quiz

Only a monument lover can get 10/10 in this quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 31-Jan-2018

Q1: Which place in India we can find cave temples with 3 faiths?

  • A. Agra
  • B. Ellora
  • C. Delhi
  • D. Madurai

Q2: In the rockcut architecture of India which foreign influence is mainly seen?

  • A. Indo-European
  • B. Greek
  • C. Persian
  • D. Arabic

Q3: Which city has maximum number of historical monuments?

  • A. Delhi
  • B. Punjab
  • C. Mumbai
  • D. Kolkata

Q4: Which monument was built in memory of a British monarch?

  • A. King Richard Memorial
  • B. Prince of Wales Memorial
  • C. Victoria Memorial
  • D. King George Memorial

Q5: Taj Mahal was built in the memory of?

  • A. Farida Mahal
  • B. Mumtaz Mahal
  • C. Toba Begum
  • D. Jahani Mahal

Q6: Post independence the Ochterlony monument was renamed as what?

  • A. Char Minar
  • B. Shaheed Minar
  • C. Victory Tower
  • D. Qutub Minar

Q7: The Mosque with 'Shaking Minarets' is found in which city of India?

  • A. Allahabad
  • B. Ahmedabad
  • C. Lucknow
  • D. Hyderabad

Q8: Name the city that has built a 15.8m Gandhi stupa?

  • A. Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • B. Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
  • C. Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
  • D. Vadodara, Gujarat

Q9: The architecture of the city of Cochin in Kerala reflects the influence of...?

  • A. The British
  • B. The Portuguese
  • C. All of the above
  • D. The Dutch

Q10: Where is the world's largest panoramic sculptural relief located?

  • A. Mahabalipuram
  • B. Madurai
  • C. Pondicherry
  • D. Kanchipuram

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