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How well you know about Motilal Rajvansh? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Motilal Rajvansh? Take this quiz to know

Motilal Rajvansh was an Indian film actor and director. He is credited with being among Hindi cinema's first natural actors.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 25-Apr-2020

Q1: When Motilal was born

  • A. 4 dec 1910
  • B. 23 sept 1912
  • C. 21 dec 1917
  • D. 8 jun 1917

Q2: In which movie he made his debut

  • A. Silver King
  • B. Shaher Ka Jadoo
  • C. Dhoon
  • D. Jagte Raho

Q3: In which language film he appeared other than hindi movies

  • A. Marathi
  • B. Odia
  • C. Bengali
  • D. Bhojpuri

Q4: Which movie gave Motilal his first Filmfare Award

  • A. Anari
  • B. Taqdeer
  • C. Devdas
  • D. Leader

Q5: Which movie was directed by him

  • A. Asli-Naqli
  • B. Chhoti Chhoti Baatein
  • C. Paigham
  • D. Lekh

Q6: In which movie he made his last appearance

  • A. Yeh Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai
  • B. Waqt
  • C. Dhoon
  • D. Hamari Beti

Q7: Which award he won for the movie Parakh

  • A. Zee Cine Awards
  • B. Guild Awards
  • C. Filmfare Award
  • D. Stardust Award

Q8: Who was his co star in the movie Do Diwane

  • A. Shobhana Samarth
  • B. Savita Devi
  • C. Nutan
  • D. Nargis

Q9: Which movie did he star with Nutan

  • A. Jeevan Lata
  • B. Anari
  • C. Armaan
  • D. Kokila

Q10: When Motilal Rajvansh died

  • A. 18 jul 1966
  • B. 29 dec 1978
  • C. 17 jun 1965
  • D. 4 mar 1966

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