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Only a Music mania can get 10/10 in this quiz?

Only a Music mania can get 10/10 in this quiz

Only a Music mania can get 10/10 in this quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 15-Mar-2018

Q1: Name the person associated with Santoor

  • A. Pt.Shiv Kumar sharma
  • B. Sabir Khan
  • C. Bhajan Sopori
  • D. Both A and C

Q2: Zakir Hussain is associated with

  • A. Tabla
  • B. Sarod
  • C. Flute
  • D. Shehnai

Q3: The person associated with Veena is

  • A. Shakoor Khan
  • B. Doraiswamy Iyengar
  • C. Ramesh Mishra
  • D. Sarang Mishra

Q4: Asad Ali Khan plays which instrument

  • A. Mohan Veena
  • B. Rudra Veena
  • C. Violin
  • D. Ghatam

Q5: Ali Ahmad Hussain,Krishna Ram Chaudhary and Bismillah Khan are famous for which instrument

  • A. Sitar
  • B. Shehnai
  • C. Mridangam
  • D. Saarangi

Q6: Who is famous vocalist of Carnatic music

  • A. Pandit Jasraj
  • B. Bhimsen Joshi
  • C. M.S.Subbulakshmi
  • D. Kumar Gandharva

Q7: U.Srinivas is famous for which instrument

  • A. Ghatam
  • B. Veena
  • C. Mandolin
  • D. Sitar

Q8: Hari Prasad Chaurasia is famous for

  • A. Flute
  • B. Tabla
  • C. Sitar
  • D. Veena

Q9: Braj Bhusan Kabra is famous for

  • A. Violin
  • B. Guitar
  • C. Tabla
  • D. Mandolin

Q10: Who is the inventor of Mohan Veena

  • A. Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhat
  • B. Asad Ali Khan
  • C. Annapurna Devi
  • D. Bhimsen Joshi

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