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Answer this quiz questions on Naomi Watts ?

Answer this quiz questions on Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts is an English actress and film producer. she made her debut in an Australian drama film and then did some Australian television series like Hey Dad, Brides of Christ and Home Away.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 08-Jun-2019

Q1: When Naomi Watts was born

  • A. 22 jan 1966
  • B. 23 dec 1967
  • C. 28 sept 1968
  • D. 29 dec 1969

Q2: What is her middle name

  • A. Jane
  • B. Joana
  • C. Ellen
  • D. Lisa

Q3: In which Hollywood movie she made her first appearance

  • A. For Love Alone
  • B. The Custodian
  • C. Strange Planet
  • D. Tank Girl

Q4: In which American supernatural movie she starred in

  • A. The Ring
  • B. Dark House
  • C. Ouija
  • D. Supernatural

Q5: For which movie she was nominated for Academy Award

  • A. Flirting
  • B. Matinee
  • C. Tank Girl
  • D. 21 Grams

Q6: With which actor she was in a relationship

  • A. Jack Black
  • B. Evan Parke
  • C. Leiv Schrieber
  • D. Kyle Chandler

Q7: Who was the director of Naomi starring movie King Kong

  • A. Woody Allen
  • B. Ron Howard
  • C. Peter Jackson
  • D. Danny Boyle

Q8: For which movie she won the Screen Actors Guild Award

  • A. Birdman
  • B. Stay
  • C. The Ring Two
  • D. Diana

Q9: In which biographical movie she appeared

  • A. American Sniper
  • B. Big Eyes
  • C. J. Edgar
  • D. Unbroken

Q10: Which movie did she star with Ben Stiller

  • A. While We're Young
  • B. Lucy
  • C. Fury
  • D. John Wick

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