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How much do you know about NASA?

How much do you know about NASA

This quiz will tell how much do you know about NASA

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 13-Mar-2018

Q1: When was NASA established

  • A. 29-Jul-58
  • B. 30-Jul-58
  • C. 29-Jun-58
  • D. 30-Jun-58

Q2: Who was the president when NASA was established

  • A. John Kennedy
  • B. Dwight Eisenhower
  • C. Lyndon Johnson
  • D. Harry Truman

Q3: NASA sent an unmanned spacecraft to the orbit of mars in 2001,what was it

  • A. Mars Odyssey
  • B. Mars Reconnaissance orbiter
  • C. Mars Pathfinder
  • D. Mars Rover

Q4: What is NASA's motto

  • A. Through space and time
  • B. For tomorrow's future
  • C. To infinity and further
  • D. For the benefit of all

Q5: The hubble space telescope is a joint collaboration between NASA and

  • A. Russian federeal space agency
  • B. United Federations of planets
  • C. European space agency
  • D. China aerospace science and technology corporation

Q6: Where is the headquarter of NASA located

  • A. South Wales
  • B. Berlin
  • C. Bern
  • D. Washington

Q7: Who is the present administrator of NASA

  • A. Robert M.Lightfoot
  • B. Christopher Scolese
  • C. Dr.Michael D.Griffin
  • D. Charles F.Bolden

Q8: NASA sent an unmanned aircraft (Cassini-Huygens) to which planet

  • A. Pluto
  • B. Mars
  • C. Saturn
  • D. Jupiter

Q9: NASA launched a mission to explore pluto for how many years(one way trip)

  • A. 15
  • B. 9
  • C. 13
  • D. 4

Q10: NASA announced something on dec 4 2006,what is that

  • A. Data supporting life on mars
  • B. The exclusion of pluto as a planet
  • C. joint venture wit SETI
  • D. To build a moon base

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