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Take this quiz on Olympic games and check how much you can score?

Take this quiz on Olympic games and check how much you can score

Take this quiz on Olympic games and check how much you can score

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 19-Feb-2018

Q1: What do the five rings on the Olympic symbol represent?

  • A. the five oceans
  • B. the five continents
  • C. the five planets
  • D. five Greek Gods

Q2: The five rings of the Olympic symbol are in five different colours. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and _______

  • A. Indigo
  • B. Violet
  • C. Orange
  • D. Black

Q3: Olympic games were held in ancient Greece in the honour of Greek God ________

  • A. Zeus
  • B. Uranus
  • C. Apollo
  • D. Jupiter

Q4: Which of the following combination of years represents the years when the Olympic Games were not held due to the two World Wars?

  • A. 1914, 1940, 1944
  • B. 1916, 1940, 1944
  • C. 1920, 1936, 1940
  • D. 1936, 1840, 1944

Q5: Which team leads the procession of athletes at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games?

  • A. Hosting nation
  • B. Greece
  • C. Hosting nation of the next Olympic games
  • D. Hosting nation of the previous Olympic games

Q6: At which of the following cities have the Olympic games NOT been held twice?

  • A. Athens
  • B. Paris
  • C. London
  • D. Atlanta

Q7: Where are the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee located?

  • A. Lausanne, Switzerland
  • B. Paris, France
  • C. Athens, Greece
  • D. Atlanta, United States

Q8: In which year were the first modern Olympic Games held?

  • A. 1900
  • B. 1896
  • C. 1904
  • D. 1892

Q9: What does the Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius mean?

  • A. Character, Attitude, Fortitude
  • B. Faster, Higher, Deeper
  • C. Faster, Higher, Stronger
  • D. Bigger, Stronger, Taller

Q10: In which year did women participate for the first time in modern Olympic Games?

  • A. 1900, Paris
  • B. 1908, London
  • C. 1904, St Louis
  • D. 1920, Antwerp

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