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Take this quiz and see how well you know about Orhan Pamuk??

Take this quiz and see how well you know about Orhan Pamuk?

Orhan Pamuk is a Turkish novelist, screenwriter. Pamuk is the first Turkish Nobel laureate. He is also the recipient of numerous other literary awards.

   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

   Posted On : 12-Jul-2019

Q1: What is the first name of Orhan Pamuk?

  • A. Derit
  • B. Ferit
  • C. Liti
  • D. Gyty

Q2: When was he born?

  • A. 8 June 1967
  • B. 3 June 1955
  • C. 6 June 1950
  • D. 7 June 1952

Q3: In which year did he win Nobel Prize?

  • A. 2006
  • B. 2007
  • C. 2008
  • D. 2009

Q4: In how many languages his books were sold?

  • A. 78
  • B. 63
  • C. 54
  • D. 43

Q5: In which year was he elected to the American Philosophical Society?

  • A. 2015
  • B. 2016
  • C. 2017
  • D. 2018

Q6: For which novel did he win the 2002 Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger?

  • A. Silent House
  • B. My Name Is Red
  • C. The Black Book
  • D. The New Life

Q7: What is the name of his first novel?

  • A. Darkness and Light
  • B. The White Castle
  • C. The Black Book
  • D. The New Life

Q8: In how many languages his novel named 'My Name Is Red' was translated?

  • A. 24
  • B. 30
  • C. 45
  • D. 55

Q9: Which country was awarded him by ' Peace Prize of the German Book Trade' in 2005?

  • A. Turkey
  • B. Sweden
  • C. UK
  • D. Germany

Q10: Who did translate his novel 'The White Castle'?

  • A. Maureen Freely
  • B. Guneli Gun
  • C. Victoria Holbrook
  • D. Maureen Freely

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