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Answer this quiz questions on Patricia Clarkson and see how much you know about her?

Answer this quiz questions on Patricia Clarkson and see how much you know about her

Patricia Clarkson is an American actress and she starred in numerous leading and supporting roles in a variety of movies and won many awards for her work in Hollywood.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 06-Nov-2019

Q1: Where Patricia Clarkson was born

  • A. New York
  • B. Arizona
  • C. New Orleans
  • D. Chicago

Q2: What is her middle name

  • A. Viola
  • B. Davies
  • C. Ann
  • D. Angela

Q3: What is her Alma Mater

  • A. Queens College
  • B. Purchase College
  • C. New York University
  • D. Yale University

Q4: In which Broadway Production she starred in

  • A. The House Of Blue Leaves
  • B. Stomp
  • C. Blue Man Group
  • D. Rock Of Ages

Q5: In which feature film she made her debut

  • A. The Dead Pool
  • B. Jumanji
  • C. Wendigo
  • D. The Untouchables

Q6: Which documentary movie was narrated by her

  • A. Free Solo
  • B. Fyre
  • C. For The Love Of Movies
  • D. Inside Job

Q7: For which movie she was nominated for Academy Award

  • A. The Party
  • B. Pieces Of April
  • C. Miracle
  • D. The Station Agent

Q8: Who was her co star in the movie Blind Date

  • A. Brad Pitt
  • B. Stanley Tucci
  • C. John Krasinski
  • D. Viola Davis

Q9: Who was the director of Patricia Clarkson starring movie Cairo Time

  • A. Craig Lucas
  • B. Peter Hedges
  • C. Ruba Nadda
  • D. Woody Allen

Q10: For which movie she won the Golden Globe Award

  • A. Sharp Objects
  • B. Miracle
  • C. The Woods
  • D. Elegy

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