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Answer this quiz questions on Peter Fonda and check your score?

Answer this quiz questions on Peter Fonda and check your score

Peter Fonda was an American actor, screenwriter and director. He was a part of the counterculture of the 1960s.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 14-May-2020

Q1: Where Peter Fonda was born

  • A. Canada
  • B. California
  • C. New York
  • D. Boston

Q2: What is his middle name

  • A. Erin
  • B. Henry
  • C. Harry
  • D. Ron

Q3: What is his Alma Mater

  • A. University of Nebraska
  • B. Harvard University
  • C. University of Melbourne
  • D. Queens College

Q4: Name the movie directed by him

  • A. Open Season
  • B. Killer Force
  • C. Fighting Mad
  • D. The Hired Hand

Q5: What is his celebrity's father's name

  • A. Peter Fonda
  • B. John Fonda
  • C. Paul Fonda
  • D. Mark Fonda

Q6: Which movie gave Peter his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor

  • A. Second Skin
  • B. Wooly Boys
  • C. Ulee's Gold
  • D. Japan

Q7: Name the book written by him

  • A. Fonda Kids
  • B. Entertainment Movies
  • C. Don't Tell Dad
  • D. Movie Days

Q8: In which segment of Spirits Of The Dead he starred in

  • A. William Wilson
  • B. Metzengerstein
  • C. Toby Dammit
  • D. Tom Dannis

Q9: In which movie he made his last appearance

  • A. The Last Full Measure
  • B. Boundaries
  • C. Smitty
  • D. The Harvest

Q10: When Peter Fonda died

  • A. 21 dec 2018
  • B. 23 jan 2018
  • C. 3 nov 2016
  • D. 16 aug 2019

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