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How much do you know plants and their products?

How much do you know plants and their products

Check out this quiz to know how much do you aware of plants and their products

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 17-Jan-2018

Q1: The Anti-malarial drug Quinine is obtained from which plant?

  • A. Cinchona
  • B. Jatropha
  • C. Cannabis
  • D. Eucalyptus

Q2: The plant which survive in dry places is known as

  • A. Thallophyte
  • B. Epiphyte
  • C. Xerophyte
  • D. Hydrophyte

Q3: Which part of the plant is used to make Saffron Spice?

  • A. Stigma
  • B. Leaf
  • C. Petal
  • D. Sepal

Q4: Which plant is cultivated to extract Bio-Diesel?

  • A. Eucalyptus
  • B. Haboba
  • C. Red Sanders
  • D. Jatropha

Q5: From which plant Nilgiri Tel is obtained?

  • A. Bamboo
  • B. Eucalyptus
  • C. Basil
  • D. Neem

Q6: Which of the following plants is not propagated by stem cuttings?

  • A. Banana
  • B. Sugarcane
  • C. Rose
  • D. Grape

Q7: The science that deals with study of algae or seaweeds is known as -

  • A. Bryology
  • B. Phycology
  • C. Pomology
  • D. Mycology

Q8: From which plant Opium is obtained?

  • A. Cannabis
  • B. Tobacco
  • C. Aloe vera
  • D. Poppy

Q9: Which part of the plant yields the well-known spice clove?

  • A. Seed
  • B. Fruit
  • C. Flower bud
  • D. Root

Q10: The name for the plants which grows on another plant or tree?

  • A. Thallophyte
  • B. Epiphyte
  • C. Xerophyte
  • D. Bryophytes

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