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Can you answer this quiz questions based on the series Sherlock?

Can you answer this quiz questions based on the series Sherlock

Sherlock is a British crime drama television series created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 15-Feb-2020

Q1: What was John Watson's wife real name

  • A. Rosamund Mary
  • B. Angela Mary
  • C. Irene Monica
  • D. Judie Freeman

Q2: What is Lestrade's first name

  • A. Grand
  • B. Greg
  • C. George
  • D. Joel

Q3: According to Mrs Hudson what cheers up Sherlock Holmes

  • A. A Nice Murder
  • B. Cup Of Tea
  • C. Hot Coffee
  • D. Playing Violin

Q4: By what name does Sherlock refers Irene Adler as

  • A. Ms Adler
  • B. The Woman
  • C. Clever Girl
  • D. The Dominatrix

Q5: Who plays John Watson

  • A. Morgan Freeman
  • B. Brad Pitt
  • C. Martin Freeman
  • D. Tom Cruise

Q6: What is the name of Sherlock's Childhood friend in The Final Problem

  • A. Bill
  • B. Henry
  • C. Don
  • D. Victor

Q7: What kind of human being is Sherlock described as

  • A. Crazy Guy
  • B. Psychopath
  • C. A High Functioning Sociopath
  • D. A Detective

Q8: What is the name of Sherlock's brother

  • A. Todd Holmes
  • B. Patrick Holmes
  • C. Mycroft Holmes
  • D. Herald Holmes

Q9: What is Sherlock's London home address

  • A. 222B Baker Street
  • B. 221B Baker Street
  • C. 2 Reymond Street
  • D. 221A Baker Palace

Q10: What was John Watson's middle name

  • A. Harry
  • B. Hamish
  • C. Morgana
  • D. Vennu

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