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Only a "Mandir Wohi Banayenge" guy can clear this quiz about Ramayana?

Only a

Only a "Mandir Wohi Banayenge" guy can clear this quiz about Ramayana

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 10-May-2018

Q1: Rama is the avatar of what Hindu God?

  • A. Kooni
  • B. Shiva
  • C. Vishnu
  • D. Brahma

Q2: What was the name of the King's wife who persuaded him to make Bharatha king?

  • A. Kooni
  • B. Kausalya
  • C. Kaikeyi
  • D. Sumithra

Q3: What is the name of Rama's brother who goes with him into exile?

  • A. Ravana
  • B. Lakshmana
  • C. Dasartha
  • D. Bharatha

Q4: Who did the King originally want to choose to replace him as king?

  • A. Lakshmana
  • B. Rama
  • C. Bharatha
  • D. Kooni

Q5: In the epic Ramayana, which bird tried to prevent Ravana from carrying Sita away?

  • A. Vibhishan
  • B. Garuda
  • C. Jatayu
  • D. Bhulinga

Q6: Sita is the avatar of which spouse of Vishnu?

  • A. Kali
  • B. Lakshmi
  • C. Krishna
  • D. Durga

Q7: Lord Dattatreya is confluence of Bramha, Vishnu and who else?

  • A. Ganesha
  • B. Sai Baba
  • C. Maheshwara
  • D. Indra

Q8: According to Ramayana who was Lakshmana's mother?

  • A. Kaikeyi
  • B. Sumitra
  • C. Kausalya
  • D. Panchali

Q9: Which river did Lopamudra become?

  • A. Narmada
  • B. Kaveri
  • C. Godavari
  • D. Tapti

Q10: Around whose life is 'The Ramayana' centered?

  • A. Dasaratha
  • B. Viswamithra
  • C. Rama
  • D. Ravana

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