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How much do you know about Rani Lakshmibai(The Jhansi ki Rani)?

How much do you know about Rani Lakshmibai(The Jhansi ki Rani)

Once Hugh Rose commented that Rani Lakshmibai is "personable, clever and beautiful" and she is "the most dangerous of all Indian leaders". She was one of the leading warriors of India's First War of Independence,take this quiz to check that how much you know about her.

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 09-Jul-2018

Q1: Where was Lakshmibai born

  • A. Varanasi
  • B. Bareilly
  • C. Ghazizbad
  • D. Kanpur

Q2: What was the birth name of Lakshmibai

  • A. Saraswati
  • B. Manikarnika
  • C. Indumati
  • D. Ramyashree

Q3: To whom did Lakshmibai married

  • A. Moropant Tambe
  • B. Raghunath Singh
  • C. Gangadhar Rao Newalkar
  • D. Nana Sahib Peshwa

Q4: Name the queen who ordered britishers to attack Jhansi and kill Lakshmibai

  • A. Queen Elizabeth I
  • B. Queen Elizabeth II
  • C. Zara Philips
  • D. Queen Victoria

Q5: As per History,name the horse that Lakshmibai rode

  • A. Pavan
  • B. Varun
  • C. Badal
  • D. Sarangi

Q6: What is the name the adopted son of Lakshmibai

  • A. Damodar Rao
  • B. Anand Rao
  • C. Ganapat Rao
  • D. Gangadhar Rao

Q7: Which fort did Rani lakshmibai captured along with Tantya Tope

  • A. Agra
  • B. Meerut
  • C. Patna
  • D. Gwalior

Q8: What is the famous poem written by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan about Lakshmibai

  • A. Jhansi ki Devi
  • B. Jhansi ki rani
  • C. Manikarnika
  • D. Rebel queen

Q9: How much annual pension did East India Company offer Rani Lakshmibai to leave the Jhansi fort

  • A. 60,000
  • B. 50,000
  • C. 70,000
  • D. 80,000

Q10: Where did Rani Lakshmibai died

  • A. Jaipur
  • B. Varanasi
  • C. Gwalior
  • D. Manglore

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