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Take this quiz on Reema Lagoo?

Take this quiz on Reema Lagoo

Reema Lagoo started her acting career after her school and played the role of child artist in marathi movies. She is famous for portraying motherly roles and soon became a household name.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 03-Apr-2019

Q1: When she was born

  • A. 21 jun 1958
  • B. 12 jul 1955
  • C. 13 feb 1954
  • D. 10 jun 1954

Q2: What was her real name

  • A. Nayan Bhadbhade
  • B. Naina Bhadbhade
  • C. Reema Bhadbhade
  • D. Rina Bhadbhade

Q3: In which movie she played the role of a dancer

  • A. Nasoor
  • B. Suhaag
  • C. Aakrosh
  • D. Chatpati

Q4: In which language movies she appeared other than hindi movies

  • A. Tamil
  • B. Telugu
  • C. Punjabi
  • D. Marathi

Q5: With whom she got married and later got divorced

  • A. Sanjay Soorkar
  • B. Rajeev Patil
  • C. Sujay Dahake
  • D. Vivek Lagoo

Q6: In which of this following movie she portrayed the role of Salman's Khan mother

  • A. Maine Pyaar Kiya
  • B. Ramwati
  • C. Henna
  • D. Vansh

Q7: Which character of Mahabharat was voiced by her

  • A. Draupadi
  • B. Kunti
  • C. Gandhari
  • D. Shakuni

Q8: In which of this television series, she appeared

  • A. Shrimaan Shrimati
  • B. Idhar Udhar
  • C. Hum Paanch
  • D. Dekh Bhai Dekh

Q9: For which television series she won Indian Telly Award

  • A. Tu Tu Main Main
  • B. Dekh Bhai Dekh
  • C. Idhar Udhar
  • D. Hum Paanch

Q10: When Reema Lagoo died

  • A. 1 jan 2014
  • B. 18 may 2017
  • C. 12 dec 2018
  • D. 2 jan 2019

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