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Take this quiz on Richard Gere and see how much you know about him?

Take this quiz on Richard Gere and see how much you know about him

Richard Gere is an American actor. He began his acting with the supporting roles in the movie Looking For Mr Goodbar and starring role in Days Of Heaven. He went to star in many well-received films and was nominated for many awards.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 17-Oct-2019

Q1: When Richard Gere was born

  • A. 31 aug 1949
  • B. 23 dec 1950
  • C. 2 jan 1956
  • D. 6 sept 1952

Q2: What is his middle name

  • A. John
  • B. Harvey
  • C. Lee
  • D. Tiffany

Q3: What is his Alma Mater

  • A. North Syracuse Central High School
  • B. Purchase College
  • C. Harvard University
  • D. Queens College

Q4: For which sports he got a scholarship to attend the University Of Massachusetts

  • A. Hockey
  • B. Football
  • C. Gymnastics
  • D. Cricket

Q5: Which celebrity actress was he married to

  • A. Emily Blunt
  • B. Jodie Foster
  • C. Julia Roberts
  • D. Carey Lowell

Q6: In which segment of Movie 43 he starred in

  • A. Veronica
  • B. ibabe
  • C. Beezel
  • D. The Catch

Q7: Which character was voiced by him in the movie Henry & Me

  • A. Jack
  • B. Mickey
  • C. Henry
  • D. Lefty

Q8: For which movie he won the Golden Globe Award

  • A. Chicago
  • B. The Jackal
  • C. Red Corner
  • D. Unfaithful

Q9: Which movie did he star with Julia Roberts

  • A. The Dinner
  • B. The Flock
  • C. Pretty Woman
  • D. Bee Season

Q10: In which television film he starred in

  • A. Strike Force
  • B. The Blue Yonder
  • C. 16 Wishes
  • D. Tiger Town

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