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How much do you know about Roger Federer?

How much do you know about Roger Federer

Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player and is widely considered to be one of the greatest players of all-time in the history of Tennis,take this quiz and prove that you are a Federer maniac.

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 05-Jul-2018

Q1: Which company's apparel and shoes did Federer wear while playing Tennis

  • A. Nike
  • B. Adidas
  • C. Puma
  • D. Lacoste

Q2: Federer remained World no 1 in ranking for how many weeks

  • A. 208
  • B. 237
  • C. 162
  • D. 186

Q3: Which among the following was Roger's first Grand slam title

  • A. French Open
  • B. US Open
  • C. Wimbledon
  • D. Australian Open

Q4: Name the player who was ranked 224 in world defeated Federer in knockout of Wimbledon 2002

  • A. Ivo Karlovic
  • B. Goran Ivanisevic
  • C. Marin Cilic
  • D. Mario Ancic

Q5: Which of the following musical instrument Roger can play

  • A. Piano
  • B. Guitar
  • C. Drum
  • D. Clarinet

Q6: Roger hold dual citizenship,one is Switzerland and the other one is

  • A. Spain
  • B. Germany
  • C. South Africa
  • D. France

Q7: In which year Federer won his first Grand Slam title

  • A. 2003
  • B. 2006
  • C. 2005
  • D. 2004

Q8: By what nickname Federer was named by fans and commentators for his choice of attire in 2007 US open

  • A. Barbie Fed
  • B. Macho Federer
  • C. Darth Federer
  • D. Saint Federer

Q9: To which tennis player did Federer marry

  • A. Miroslava
  • B. Carolina
  • C. Petra Kvitova
  • D. Simona

Q10: Which Grand slam did Roger won in 2007 without dropping a set

  • A. Australian Open
  • B. Wimbledon
  • C. US Open
  • D. French Open

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