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How well you know about Rosie Perez? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Rosie Perez? Take this quiz to know

Rosie Perez is an American actress, singer, community activist, talk show host, author, dancer and choreographer. She was nominated for three Emmy Awards for her work as a choreographer on In Living Color.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 28-Feb-2020

Q1: Where Rosie Perez was born

  • A. London
  • B. New York
  • C. Chicago
  • D. Boston

Q2: What is her middle name

  • A. Ann
  • B. Uma
  • C. Maria
  • D. Alicia

Q3: What is her Alma Mater

  • A. Los Angeles City College
  • B. Harvard University
  • C. University Of Yale
  • D. New York University

Q4: Which segment of All The Invisible Children she starred in

  • A. Tanza
  • B. Jonathan
  • C. Ciro
  • D. Jesus Children Of America

Q5: With which television program she started her career

  • A. Dance Academy
  • B. Soul Train
  • C. Glee
  • D. The Next Step

Q6: What is the name of her first film

  • A. Somebody To Love
  • B. Human Nature
  • C. Do The Right Thing
  • D. Night On Earth

Q7: Which movie gave Rosie her first Oscar Nomination

  • A. The Counselor
  • B. Fugly
  • C. Pitch Perfect 2
  • D. Fearless

Q8: Which character was voiced by her in the movie The Hero Of Color City

  • A. Yellow
  • B. Red
  • C. Blue
  • D. Green

Q9: Which talk show was hosted by her

  • A. The View
  • B. The Daily Show
  • C. The Talk
  • D. The Real

Q10: In which documentary movie she starred in

  • A. Free Solo
  • B. Blackfish
  • C. 13th
  • D. Home

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