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Let us see how much do you know about your favorite author Ruskin Bond?

Let us see how much do you know about your favorite author Ruskin Bond

Let us see how much do we know about our favorite Author-Ruskin Bond

   Author : NEHA BHOSALE

   Posted On : 29-Apr-2022

Q1: Ruskin Bond is

  • A. An Indian Author
  • B. An American Author
  • C. British Author
  • D. An Australian Author

Q2: A book written by Ruskin Bond

  • A. The Cherry tree
  • B. Wise Otherwise
  • C. Harry Potter
  • D. Oliver's Twist

Q3: Which Award was conferred to Ruskin Bond for his book "Our trees still grow in the Dehra"?

  • A. Noble Award for Literature
  • B. Sahitya Akademi Award
  • C. Both a & b
  • D. Padmasharee Award 

Q4: First Novel of Ruskin Bond is?

  • A. The Blue Umbrella
  • B. The Room on the Roof
  • C. Dust on the Mountain
  • D. The Eyes have it

Q5: The main character in the story "The Blue Umbrella" is?

  • A. Shop Keeper
  • B. Binya
  • C. Rajaram
  • D. Ram Bharosa

Q6: The setting for the story "The Tiger in the Tunnel" is

  • A. The Tiger
  • B. The Tunnel
  • C. Nature
  • D. Mountain

Q7: In which book of the Ruskin Bond all the stories revolves around the Train? 

  • A. The Room on the Roof
  • B. The great Train Journey
  • C. The Tiger in the Tunnel
  • D. Face in the Dark

Q8: The Room on the Roof is the story of

  • A. The mysterious Room
  • B. Broken Roof of the Room
  • C. An Orphaned boy
  • D. The village

Q9: Which genre book is "The Eyes have it"?

  • A. Essay
  • B. humorous piece of writing 
  • C. travelogue
  • D. short story

Q10: The word 'reverie" means ?

  • A. fancy 
  • B. daydream
  • C. tales
  • D. fantasy

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