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Take this quiz to know about Saira Banu?

Take this quiz to know about Saira Banu

Saira Banu was one of the most beautiful and talented actress of Bollywood. She appeared in many movies and created a place in a male dominated industry.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 02-Apr-2019

Q1: When she was born

  • A. 10 feb 1943
  • B. 23 aug 1944
  • C. 12 jan 1943
  • D. 17 dec 1947

Q2: What is her mother's name

  • A. Naseem Banu
  • B. Geeta Bali
  • C. Nargis
  • D. Mala Sinha

Q3: In which bollywood movie she first appeared

  • A. Shaadi
  • B. Junglee
  • C. Deewana
  • D. Aman

Q4: Who was her co star in the film Padosan

  • A. Dilip Kumar
  • B. Sanjeev Kumar
  • C. Sunil Dutt
  • D. Guru Dutt

Q5: With whom she is married to

  • A. Dilip Kumar
  • B. Pran
  • C. Dev Anand
  • D. Raj Kapoor

Q6: In which Hrishikesh Mukherjee's film she appeared

  • A. Gopi
  • B. Chaitali
  • C. Sagina
  • D. Zameer

Q7: What was her character name in the movie Victoria No 203

  • A. Seema
  • B. Rekha
  • C. Poonam
  • D. Madhu

Q8: With which famous actor she always wanted to act

  • A. Rajesh Khan
  • B. Shammi Kapoor
  • C. Raj Kapoor
  • D. Guru Dutt

Q9: In which movie she did a cameo role

  • A. Duniya
  • B. April Fool
  • C. Shagrid
  • D. Pyaar Mohabbat

Q10: Her famous song "Taron Se Pyare" was from which movie

  • A. Diwana
  • B. Gopi
  • C. Saazish
  • D. Jwar Bhata

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