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Can you score 6/10 in this Sania Mirza Quiz?

Can you score 6/10 in this Sania Mirza Quiz

Can you score 6/10 in this Sania Mirza Quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 19-Jun-2018

Q1: When was Sania born

  • A. 15-Nov-86
  • B. 15-Nov-85
  • C. 15-Nov-84
  • D. 15-Nov-83

Q2: How many Grand Slam Titles has Sania won in her career

  • A. 5
  • B. 6
  • C. 7
  • D. 8

Q3: Sania has been coached by her father and Roger Anderson,what is the name of her father

  • A. Imran Khan
  • B. Imran Quereshi
  • C. Imran Mirza
  • D. Fardeen Mirza

Q4: From which of the following college did Sania graduated

  • A. St Joseph
  • B. St.Thomas,Lucknow
  • C. Osmania University
  • D. St.Mary College,Hyderabad

Q5: Name the famous cricketer to whom Sania Mirza got married

  • A. Irfan Pathan
  • B. Shoaib Malik
  • C. Shoaib Akhtar
  • D. Shahid Afridi

Q6: In which year Sania Mirza received Padma Shri

  • A. 2006
  • B. 2005
  • C. 2004
  • D. 2003

Q7: Sania picked up her first Grand Slam title in which event

  • A. 2009 Australian Open
  • B. 2012 French Open
  • C. 2011 French Open
  • D. 2008 Australian Open

Q8: In 2016 Sania published an autobiography titled

  • A. The Court
  • B. Champions
  • C. Ace Against Odds
  • D. The Play

Q9: Sania's Wedding ceremony was organised at which place

  • A. Radisson Blu Plaza
  • B. The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace
  • C. Taj Krishna Hotel
  • D. Hyatt Hyderabad

Q10: In which year Sania Mirza retired from singles

  • A. 2012
  • B. 2013
  • C. 2014
  • D. 2015

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