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Take this questions about Sea and see how much you can score?

Take this questions about Sea and see how much you can score

Take this questions about Sea and see how much you can score

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 25-May-2018

Q1: Tides in the sea are caused by

  • A. Effects of the moon
  • B. Effects of the sun
  • C. Sun and the moon
  • D. Gravitational centrifugal or centripetal forces

Q2: Which of the following oceans is between Africa and Australia?

  • A. Indian Ocean
  • B. Arctic Ocean
  • C. South Atlantic Ocean
  • D. South Pacific Ocean

Q3: The canal joining Baltic Sea to North Sea is

  • A. Neil Canal
  • B. Kiel Canal
  • C. Panama Canal
  • D. Suez Canal

Q4: Which of the following is the smallest ocean of the world?

  • A. Pacific
  • B. Indian
  • C. Atlantic
  • D. Arctic

Q5: Through which one of the following Straits, does a tunnel connect the United Kingdom and France?

  • A. Davis Strait
  • B. Denmark Strait
  • C. Strait of Dover
  • D. Strait of Gibraltar

Q6: Which one of the following countries is planning to construct a rival to the Panama Canal to link the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?

  • A. Colombia
  • B. Costa Rica
  • C. Guatemala
  • D. Nicaragua

Q7: Sargasso Sea is a part of :

  • A. North Atlantic ocean
  • B. South Atlantic Ocean
  • C. North Pacific Ocean
  • D. North Sea

Q8: The Suez Canal connects -

  • A. Mediterranean and Red Seas
  • B. Baltic and Caspian Seas
  • C. Mediterranean and North Seas
  • D. Red Sea and Caspian Sea

Q9: The sea bed sloping gradually and bordering the continent is known as -

  • A. Coast
  • B. Continental Shelf
  • C. Continental Platform
  • D. Continental slope

Q10: The oceans cover ______ of the surface of the earth.

  • A. 50%
  • B. 60%
  • C. 71%
  • D. 80%

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