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How well you know about Sean Penn? Take this quiz to know?

How well you know about Sean Penn? Take this quiz to know

Sean Penn is an American actor and filmmaker and has won many awards. In addition to his film work, Penn engages in political and social activism.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 21-May-2019

Q1: When Sean Penn was born

  • A. 17 aug 1960
  • B. 12 jan 1967
  • C. 23 dec 1962
  • D. 28 oct 1968

Q2: What is his middle name

  • A. John
  • B. James
  • C. Justin
  • D. Joe

Q3: With which film he made his film debut

  • A. Taps
  • B. Loved
  • C. Hugo Pool
  • D. U Turn

Q4: Which was his first television series

  • A. Ellen
  • B. Little House On Prairie
  • C. Friends
  • D. The First

Q5: Which was his first directed movie

  • A. The Indian Runner
  • B. Ali
  • C. Kinsey
  • D. Venus

Q6: How many Academy Awards he won

  • A. 3
  • B. 2
  • C. 4
  • D. 1

Q7: For which movie he won the Golden Globe Award

  • A. Mystic River
  • B. Cast Away
  • C. A Beautiful Mind
  • D. The Pianist

Q8: With which actress he got married and later got divorced

  • A. Ava Acres
  • B. Maya Rudolph
  • C. Naomi Watts
  • D. Robin Wright

Q9: In The Angry Birds Movie which character was voiced by him

  • A. Red
  • B. Chuck
  • C. Greg
  • D. Terence

Q10: Who was her co star in the movie 21 Grams

  • A. Naomi Watts
  • B. Angelina Jolie
  • C. Lisa Kudrow
  • D. Laura Linney

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