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Lets see how well you know Shakira?

Lets see how well you know Shakira

Shakira is a Grammy-winning Latina pop singer, a philanthropist, activist. She recorded her very first album when she was only 13. The multi-award winning star has eight half-siblings from her father's first marriage.

   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

   Posted On : 13-Feb-2019

Q1: What is the full name of Shakira?

  • A. Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
  • B. Shakira Ruvia Marpol Liva
  • C. Shakira Rina Isabel Ripol
  • D. Shakira Jiya Kubel

Q2: When she was born?

  • A. 1st Jan. 1970
  • B. 2nd Feb,1977
  • C. 4th April, 1980
  • D. 5th Aug, 1983

Q3: What was her first studio album?

  • A. Magia
  • B. Peligro
  • C. Pies Descalzos
  • D. Donde Estan los Ladrones?

Q4: What was her major-label debut?

  • A. Peligro
  • B. Magia
  • C. Pies Descalzos
  • D. Donde Estan los Ladrones?

Q5: In which year Shakira entered the English-language market with her fifth album, Laundry Service?

  • A. 1999
  • B. 2001
  • C. 2002
  • D. 2003

Q6: Who is is widely regarded as the Queen of Latin Pop and the Crossover Queen?

  • A. Adele
  • B. Beyonce
  • C. Lady Gaga
  • D. Shakira

Q7: Which FIFA World Cup, Shakira sung an official song, Waka Waka?

  • A. 2006, FIFA World Cup
  • B. 2010 FIFA World Cup
  • C. 2014 FIFA World Cup
  • D. 2018 FIFA World Cup

Q8: Where is Shakira originally from?

  • A. Madrid, Spain
  • B. Barranquilla, Colombia
  • C. Ontario, Canada
  • D. Qatar

Q9: What color are Shakira's eyes?

  • A. Red
  • B. Brown
  • C. Blue
  • D. Black

Q10: How many Billboard Latin Music Awards, she won?

  • A. 23
  • B. 30
  • C. 39
  • D. 45

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