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How much you know about Sharman Joshi? Take this quiz?

How much you know about Sharman Joshi? Take this quiz

Sharman Joshi always did decent role in the past and impressed the audiences. He is now exploring every sought of roles and characters and now wanted to do meaningful cinemas

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 19-Feb-2019

Q1: He was born in which year

  • A. 1980
  • B. 1987
  • C. 1979
  • D. 1982

Q2: With which movie he made his acting debut

  • A. Godmother
  • B. Lajja
  • C. Kahan Ho Tum
  • D. Raqeeb

Q3: In which movie he did his first lead role

  • A. Tum Bin
  • B. Style
  • C. Kasoor
  • D. Asoka

Q4: Who is his famous father in law

  • A. Prem Chopra
  • B. Ranjeet
  • C. Amrish Puri
  • D. Amjad Khan

Q5: What was his character name in the movie Rang De Basanti

  • A. Karan Singhania
  • B. Aslam Khan
  • C. Ajay Rathod
  • D. Sukhi Ram

Q6: With which song he made his singing debut

  • A. Aal Izz Well
  • B. Zoobi Doobi
  • C. Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh
  • D. Give Me Some Sunshine

Q7: For which movie he won the Filmfare Award for best performance in a comic role

  • A. Golmaal
  • B. Dhol
  • C. Hello
  • D. Sorry Bhai

Q8: In the film Super Nani who was his legendary co star

  • A. Sridevi
  • B. Rekha
  • C. Hema Malini
  • D. Neetu Singh

Q9: He was in which of these horror movie

  • A. Kaal
  • B. 1921
  • C. Bhoot
  • D. 1920 London

Q10: Who was his female co star in the movie Hate Story 3

  • A. Zareen Khan
  • B. Aishwarya Devan
  • C. Meera Chopra
  • D. Richa Chadda

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