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How much are you aware of the shortcut keys in computer?

How much are you aware of the shortcut keys in computer

How much are you aware of the shortcut keys in computer

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 12-Mar-2018

Q1: What operation ctrl+W does

  • A. Open a saved window
  • B. Open a new file
  • C. Close a window
  • D. Open a new program

Q2: What operations you perform to display the favourites menu

  • A. Alt+O
  • B. Alt+F
  • C. Ctrl+o
  • D. Ctrl+F

Q3: What is the use of Alt+F4 key

  • A. Close the active item
  • B. Quit the active item
  • C. Close the console
  • D. All of the above

Q4: Which key is used to update the active window

  • A. F6
  • B. F1
  • C. F5
  • D. F2

Q5: What operations you must do highlight a block of text

  • A. Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow
  • B. Ctrl+Shift+Down arrow
  • C. Ctrl+Shift+Left arrow
  • D. Any one of the above

Q6: What is the shortcut key to activate the the menu bar in the active program

  • A. F1
  • B. F4
  • C. F8
  • D. F10

Q7: Which shortcut key is used to open task manager

  • A. Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • B. Ctrl+Alt+Esc
  • C. Ctrl+Esc
  • D. Alt+Esc

Q8: How to delete an item permanently without placing it in Recycle Bin

  • A. Shift+Del
  • B. Delete
  • C. F2
  • D. F8

Q9: Which short cut key is used to close the console

  • A. Ctrl+c
  • B. Alt+c
  • C. F4
  • D. Alt+F4

Q10: What operation is performed to open My Computer

  • A. Windows Logo+E
  • B. Windows Logo+A
  • C. Windows Logo+M
  • D. Windows Logo+C

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