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Answer this quiz questions on Shyama and check your score?

Answer this quiz questions on Shyama and check your score

Shyama was an Indian film actress. She was active between 1945-80. Shyama has worked in more than 175 movies.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 07-May-2020

Q1: When Shyama was born

  • A. 7 jun 1935
  • B. 23 dec 1933
  • C. 12 jul 1932
  • D. 24 feb 1937

Q2: What is her real name

  • A. Krishna Jain
  • B. Khurshid Akhtar
  • C. Madhu Nandi
  • D. Nagin Sindhi

Q3: In which movie she first time appeared

  • A. Roop Lekha
  • B. Patanga
  • C. Zeenat
  • D. Bandi

Q4: Which bollywood cinematographer she got married to

  • A. JBH Wadia
  • B. C L Cavish
  • C. S Hardip
  • D. Fali Mistry

Q5: Which award he won for the movie Sharada

  • A. Star Screen Awards
  • B. Star Guild Awards
  • C. Filmfare Award
  • D. IIFA Award

Q6: Who was her co star in the movie Aar Paar

  • A. Mahipal
  • B. Guru Dutt
  • C. Shammi Kapoor
  • D. Shashi Kapoor

Q7: Which movie did she star with Shammi Kapoor

  • A. Janwar
  • B. Aar paar
  • C. Bhabhi
  • D. Apna Ghar

Q8: Who was the director of Shyama starring movie Zabak

  • A. Bhappi Sonie
  • B. Kishore Sahu
  • C. Homi Wadia
  • D. Sohrab Modi

Q9: In which movie she made her last appearance

  • A. Hathyar
  • B. Mastana
  • C. Aag
  • D. Beti

Q10: When Shyama died

  • A. 11 jun 2018
  • B. 16 sept 2019
  • C. 14 nov 2017
  • D. 29 feb 2017

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