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Take this Quiz and check how much well you know Atif Aslam ?

Take this Quiz and check how much well you know Atif Aslam

Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer-songwriter and actor. He has recorded numerous chart-topping songs and is known for his vocal belting technique. He predominantly sings in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, but has also sung in Bengali.

   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

   Posted On : 04-Feb-2019

Q1: What was Atif Alam's childhood passion?

  • A. Dancing
  • B. Singing
  • C. Cricket
  • D. Acting

Q2: For which film Bollywood producer Mahesh Bhatt invited him to sing a song?

  • A. Zeher
  • B. Sadak
  • C. Raaz
  • D. Ashiqui

Q3: By which film Atif made his debut?

  • A. Zeher
  • B. Bol
  • C. Panjab Nhi Jayungi
  • D. Waar

Q4: Who is the youngest singer to receive Tamagh-e-Imtiyaj?

  • A. Atif Aslam
  • B. Falak Sabir
  • C. Bailal Saeed
  • D. Rahat Fateh Ali khan

Q5: What is the name of his wife?

  • A. Sara Bharwana
  • B. Aynoor Ali Khan
  • C. Azari Bharwana
  • D. Ayaneh Malllik

Q6: What is name of his first song album title?

  • A. Bad Company
  • B. Body Count
  • C. Jal Pari
  • D. Damn Yakees

Q7: Where Atif Aslam made his debut international concert?

  • A. Canada
  • B. UK
  • C. New Jersey
  • D. Dubai

Q8: There were two songs. First one was Doorie and what was the second one which was selected in 2010 for soundtrack of the Spanish Beauty?

  • A. Jol Pari
  • B. Moula
  • C. Pehli Dafa
  • D. Tere Sang Yara

Q9: What is the name of his first song in bollywood?

  • A. Woh Lamhe
  • B. Tere Bina
  • C. Jol Pari
  • D. Dil meri an sune

Q10: What is the name of his favorite TV Show?

  • A. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • B. The Kpail Sharma Show
  • C. Titans
  • D. Game of Thornes

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