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Answer this quiz questions on Sunil Dutt?

Answer this quiz questions on Sunil Dutt

Sunil Dutt was not only an iconic actor who also did many punjabi movies, but also an highly esteemed politician who gave his level best in every field

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 21-Mar-2019

Q1: Which year he was born

  • A. 1923
  • B. 1925
  • C. 1920
  • D. 1921

Q2: What was his real name

  • A. Bipin Dutt
  • B. Bishal Dutt
  • C. Balraj Dutt
  • D. Balaram Dutt

Q3: Before coming to acting where he was working

  • A. Radio Ceylon
  • B. Radio City
  • C. Hit FM
  • D. Radio Jamia

Q4: Which was his debut movie

  • A. Kundan
  • B. Sadhna
  • C. Didi
  • D. Railway Platform

Q5: With whom he got married

  • A. Madhubala
  • B. Rekha
  • C. Sridevi
  • D. Nargis

Q6: He won Filmfare Award for which movie

  • A. Mujhe Jeene Do
  • B. Jwala
  • C. Chirag
  • D. Darpan

Q7: In Sanju who portrayed Sunil Dutt's character

  • A. Kamal Haasan
  • B. Rajesh Khanna
  • C. Dilip Kumar
  • D. Paresh Rawal

Q8: He directed which if these movie

  • A. Virodhi
  • B. Faasle
  • C. Paapi
  • D. Yaadein

Q9: He was the minister of which branch of the Government Of India

  • A. Home Affairs
  • B. Youth Affairs And Sports
  • C. Labour And Employment
  • D. Mines

Q10: Which year he died

  • A. 2002
  • B. 2001
  • C. 2005
  • D. 2007

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