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Take this quiz on Tanuja?

Take this quiz on Tanuja

Tanuja is an Indian film actress and mainly did Hindi movies and gained huge recognition with her excellent performances in different movies and starred opposite many big stars.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 15-May-2019

Q1: When Tanuja was born

  • A. 22 jan 1932
  • B. 23 sept 1943
  • C. 12 jun 1944
  • D. 2 sept 1946

Q2: Which was her first film as a child artist

  • A. Hamari Beti
  • B. Prem Rog
  • C. Agnee
  • D. Dushman

Q3: With which director she got married

  • A. Bimal Roy
  • B. Shakti Samanta
  • C. Anurag Basu
  • D. Shomu Mukherjee

Q4: Which was her first movie in a adult role

  • A. Chhabili
  • B. Insaaf
  • C. Aparna
  • D. Gharana

Q5: What is her celebrity daughter's name

  • A. Rani
  • B. Kajol
  • C. Kareena
  • D. Kalki

Q6: Who was her co star in the movie Yaarana

  • A. Amitabh Bachchan
  • B. Sanjay Dutt
  • C. Sunil Dutt
  • D. Shashi Kapoor

Q7: Which movie she star opposite Sanjeev Kumar

  • A. Ek Paheli
  • B. Anubhav
  • C. Priya
  • D. Bhoot

Q8: For which movie she won Filmfare Award

  • A. Adhikar
  • B. Jaal
  • C. Paisa Ya Pyar
  • D. Maa Beti

Q9: Who directed Tanuja starring movie Nai Roshni

  • A. CV Sridhar
  • B. Vijay Anand
  • C. Shaheed Latif
  • D. Padmanabh

Q10: Which year she won Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award

  • A. 2012
  • B. 2013
  • C. 2015
  • D. 2014

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