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Take this quiz questions based on Tanvi Azmi and check your score?

Take this quiz questions based on Tanvi Azmi and check your score

Tanvi Azmi is an Indian film and television actress. He mainly appeared in hindi and marathi movies.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 16-Jun-2020

Q1: Where Tanvi Azmi was born

  • A. Punjab
  • B. Delhi
  • C. Tamil Nadu
  • D. Maharashtra

Q2: What is her real name

  • A. Priyanka Jain
  • B. Saunhita Kher
  • C. Tanvi Kher
  • D. Nehalli Dhillon

Q3: What is her celebrity mother's name

  • A. Bina Rai
  • B. Shreya Roy
  • C. Usha Kiran
  • D. Dina Khote

Q4: In which movie she made her debut

  • A. Pyari Behna
  • B. Darr
  • C. Mela
  • D. Aks

Q5: For which movie she won the National Award

  • A. Thappad
  • B. Bobby Jasoos
  • C. Bajirao Mastani
  • D. Lai Bhaari

Q6: In which segment of 11'09"01 September 11

  • A. Iran
  • B. United Kingdom
  • C. France
  • D. India

Q7: Which character was portrayed by him in the series Mirza Ghalib

  • A. Nawab Jaan
  • B. Umrao Begum
  • C. Fakir
  • D. Maid Servant

Q8: For which movie she was nominated for Filmfare Award

  • A. Dushman
  • B. Fan
  • C. Raees
  • D. Black

Q9: Which Bollywood cinematographer she is married to

  • A. Anil Mehta
  • B. Baba Azmi
  • C. Rajiv Menon
  • D. Santosh Sivan

Q10: In which Zee5 film she starred in

  • A. Bhram
  • B. Ateet
  • C. Tigers
  • D. 377 AbNormal

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