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How well do you know Tom Cruise, take this quiz?

How well do you know Tom Cruise, take this quiz

How well do you know Tom Cruise, take this quiz

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 21-Jun-2018

Q1: In which year Tom Cruise was born

  • A. 1962
  • B. 1961
  • C. 1963
  • D. 1964

Q2: At what age Tom started his career in films

  • A. 18
  • B. 19
  • C. 20
  • D. 21

Q3: Name the character played by Tom in Mission Impossible series

  • A. Charlie Raymond
  • B. Matthew Knight
  • C. Ethan Hunt
  • D. Pete Mitchell

Q4: In which of these movie Tom Cruise had not made his appearance

  • A. Far and Away
  • B. Knight and Day
  • C. Edge of Tomorrow
  • D. Troy

Q5: Name the first wife of Tom Cruise

  • A. Katie Holmes
  • B. Penelope Cruz
  • C. Mimi Rogers
  • D. Nicole Kidman

Q6: Which among the following is the debut movie of Tom Cruise

  • A. Endless Love
  • B. The Outsiders
  • C. Risky Business
  • D. Top Gun

Q7: What is Tom's original name

  • A. Thomas Cohen III
  • B. Thomas Cruz II
  • C. Thomas Cruise Mapother III
  • D. Thomas Peter Cruz

Q8: Name the first movie produced by Tom

  • A. The Last Samurai
  • B. Vanilla Sky
  • C. Mission Immpossible
  • D. Jack Reacher

Q9: For which movie in 2002 he won Best actor award

  • A. Vanilla sky
  • B. Minority Report
  • C. Collateral
  • D. Valkyrie

Q10: How many Golden Globe awards has Tom Cruise won

  • A. 2
  • B. 3
  • C. 4
  • D. 5

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