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Take this Twinkle Khanna quiz and check how much you can score?

Take this Twinkle Khanna quiz and check how much you can score

Take this Twinkle Khanna quiz and check how much you can score

   Author : Adiyogi Quiz Master

   Posted On : 06-Jul-2018

Q1: Twinkle Khanna was born in?

  • A. 28th Dec 1974
  • B. 28th Nov 1974
  • C. 29th Nov 1974
  • D. 29th Dec 1974

Q2: Which one of the following is Twinkle Khanna's debut movie?

  • A. Barsaat
  • B. Jaan
  • C. Dil Tera Diwana
  • D. Itihaas

Q3: Which profession Twinkle undertook after leaving the film industry in 2001?

  • A. Writing
  • B. Interior Designing
  • C. Dietitian
  • D. Both 1&2

Q4: What is the first book written by Twinkle Khanna?

  • A. The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad
  • B. Mrs Funnybones
  • C. An Unsuitable Woman
  • D. A Perfect Stranger

Q5: What is the last movie Twinkle did before her marriage?

  • A. Love Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega
  • B. Jodi No.1
  • C. Joru Ka Ghulam
  • D. Chal Mere Bhai

Q6: Name the Interior Designing store chains that Twinkle Khanna owns?

  • A. Glen Interior Design Pvt Ltd
  • B. Woodz
  • C. Both 1&2
  • D. The White Window

Q7: For the book Mrs Funnybones which awards did Twinkle win?

  • A. Crossword Book Award
  • B. Costa Book Awards
  • C. The Hindu Literary Prize
  • D. National Book Award

Q8: Which outlook award Twinkle won in 2016?

  • A. Most Inspiring Woman of the Year
  • B. Business Women of Worth
  • C. Best Administrator
  • D. Both 1&2

Q9: Twinkle Khanna is a popular columnist of which media?

  • A. Daily News and Analysis
  • B. The Times of India
  • C. The Hindu
  • D. Both1&2

Q10: Twinkle Khanna is the daughter of famous bollywood actor?

  • A. Akshaye Khanna
  • B. Vinod Khanna
  • C. Rajesh Khanna
  • D. Rahul Khanna

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