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Take this quiz to know about Vidya Sinha ?

Take this quiz to know about Vidya Sinha

Vidya Sinha was an Indian film actress who has acted in Hindi movies. She acted in different television serials as well. She acted in 30 movies over a period of 10 years.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 19-Mar-2020

Q1: When Vidya Sinha was born

  • A. 15 aug 1944
  • B. 15 nov 1947
  • C. 12 jun 1943
  • D. 21 sept 1942

Q2: What was her profession before she joined Bollywood

  • A. Psychologist
  • B. Doctor
  • C. Modelling
  • D. Engineer

Q3: Which beauty title did Vidya Sinha win

  • A. Miss World
  • B. Miss Earth
  • C. Miss Universe
  • D. Miss Bombay

Q4: In which movie she made her debut

  • A. Raja Kaka
  • B. Hawas
  • C. Meera
  • D. Saboot

Q5: Who was her co star in the Chhoti Si Baat

  • A. Amol Palekar
  • B. Dharmendra
  • C. Amjad Khan
  • D. Rishi Kapoor

Q6: In which television medical drama she starred in

  • A. Sanjivani
  • B. Zindagi Wins
  • C. Kuch Toh Log Kahenge
  • D. Dhadkan

Q7: What is the name of her last film

  • A. Dear Zindagi
  • B. Kalank
  • C. Bodyguard
  • D. Tubelight

Q8: Who was the director of Vidya starring movie Rajnigandha

  • A. Basu Chatterjee
  • B. Sawan Kumar
  • C. Raj Tilak
  • D. Gulzar

Q9: Which movie did she star with Vinod Khanna

  • A. Aafat
  • B. Swami
  • C. Bhumika
  • D. Inkaar

Q10: When Vidya Sinha died

  • A. 16 jun 2017
  • B. 15 aug 2019
  • C. 12 dec 2012
  • D. 6 jul 2018

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