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Take this quiz and see how well you know about William Golding??

Take this quiz and see how well you know about William Golding?

Sir William Golding was a British novelist, playwright, and poet. Best known for his novel Lord of the Flies, he won a Nobel Prize in Literature and was awarded the Booker Prize for fiction.

   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

   Posted On : 24-Jul-2019

Q1: What is the middle name of William Golding?

  • A. Fftssh
  • B. Ghaty
  • C. Gerald
  • D. Jgayg

Q2: When was he born?

  • A. 19 September 1911
  • B. 18 September 1910
  • C. 17 September 1909
  • D. 16 September 1908

Q3: For which novel was he awarded by Booker Prize?

  • A. Pincher Martin
  • B. The Inheritors
  • C. Lord of the Flies
  • D. Rites of Passage

Q4: In which year was he awarded by Nobel Prize?

  • A. 1978
  • B. 1979
  • C. 1980
  • D. 1981

Q5: What is the name of his trilogy?

  • A. Free Fall
  • B. To the Ends of the Earth
  • C. The Spire
  • D. The Pyramid

Q6: What is the name of his first nobel?

  • A. Lord of the Flies
  • B. The Inheritors
  • C. Pincher Martin
  • D. Free Fall

Q7: In which year was he honored by Knight Title?

  • A. 1985
  • B. 1986
  • C. 1987
  • D. 1988

Q8: When did he join Royal Navy

  • A. 1939
  • B. 1940
  • C. 1941
  • D. 1942

Q9: When did he write The Scorpion God?

  • A. 1969
  • B. 1970
  • C. 1971
  • D. 1972

Q10: What is the name of his last non-fiction book?

  • A. An Egyptian Journal
  • B. A Moving Target
  • C. The Hot Gates
  • D. The Double Tongue

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