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Answer this quiz questions about 2 Broke Girls season 2 and check your score?

Answer this quiz questions about 2 Broke Girls season 2 and check your score

The second season of the American television series 2 Broke Girls premiered on CBS.

   Author : Soumi Banerjee

   Posted On : 31-Jul-2020

Q1: What is Caroline's father's name

  • A. Martin Channing
  • B. Charlie Channing
  • C. William Channing
  • D. Bradley Channing

Q2: Which thing did Caroline buy from the auction

  • A. A winning cup
  • B. A necklace
  • C. A book collection
  • D. A pair of earrings

Q3: With whom Oleg was going out

  • A. Max
  • B. Caroline
  • C. Sophie
  • D. Han

Q4: Which American business women did Max and Caroline met

  • A. Marry Barra
  • B. Martha Stewart
  • C. Safra Catz
  • D. Tory Burch

Q5: What kind of shop does Andy own

  • A. A soup kitchen
  • B. A grocery shop
  • C. A book store
  • D. A candy shop

Q6: For which show did Caroline and Max auditioned for

  • A. The Kitchen
  • B. The Pioneer Women
  • C. Cupcake Wars
  • D. Chopped

Q7: What is the name of the intern hired by Caroline and Max

  • A. Ann
  • B. Ruth
  • C. Glenn
  • D. Marlee

Q8: With which rapper did Michael and Caroline flyed to the Grammys

  • A. Eminem
  • B. Drake
  • C. Kanye West
  • D. 2 Chainz

Q9: Which American drama was interested in shooting at the diner

  • A. Law and Order
  • B. Vampire Diaries
  • C. Mom
  • D. Friends

Q10: Which person wrote a book about Martin Channing

  • A. Susan Jay
  • B. Sandra Rosenthal
  • C. Donna Retta
  • D. Jane Ansis

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