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Take this Akshay Kumar's quiz and see how well you know him??

Take this Akshay Kumar's quiz and see how well you know him?

Akshay Kumar is an India-born naturalized Canadian actor, producer, martial artist and television personality who works in Bollywood films.

   Author : Agniva Bhowmick

   Posted On : 24-Aug-2020

Q1: What is the full name of Akshay Kumar?

  • A. Hari Om Bhatia
  • B. Rajiv Om Bhatia
  • C. Rajiv Hari Punam Bhutia
  • D. Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia

Q2: When Akshay Kumar was born?

  • A. 6 September 1967
  • B. 7 September 1967
  • C. 8 September 1967
  • D. 9 September 1967

Q3: Since how many years he is doing movie in Bollywood?

  • A. 32 years
  • B. 31 years
  • C. 30 years
  • D. 29 years

Q4: In how many movies did he appear?

  • A. 113
  • B. 110
  • C. 115
  • D. 120

Q5: In which did he found the Hari Om Entertainment production company?

  • A. 2012
  • B. 2011
  • C. 2010
  • D. 2009

Q6: In which years did he win Padma Shri?

  • A. 2008
  • B. 2009
  • C. 2010
  • D. 2011

Q7: For which movie did he win National Film Awards for Best Actor?

  • A. Ajnabee
  • B. Pad Man
  • C. Khiladi
  • D. Garam Masala

Q8: In which movie did he play opposite role of Twinkle Khanna?

  • A. Sangharsh
  • B. Dil To Pagal Hai
  • C. Jaanwar.
  • D. International Khiladi

Q9: What was the last movie where Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif both appread again ?

  • A. Welcome
  • B. Sooryavanshi
  • C. Tees Maar Khan
  • D. De Dana Dan

Q10: Who is wife of Akshay Kumar?

  • A. Madhuri Dixit
  • B. Priyanka Chopra
  • C. Katrina Kaif
  • D. Twinkle Khanna

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